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be heard radio – internet radio! 

Hey Everyone! Here’s my newest and greatest project be heard radio! So basically be heard radio is an online radio for unsigned artists. 2 of my friends and I got together to build this site. I did the design work and some of the coding, one of my friends worked on the backend code mainly and helped with a bit of design, and my other friend is in charge of our servers.

Well anyways Me and my friend were eating food one and we were at the time doing freelance web work and he suggested we try to get local bands as clients to build them websites. From that idea spawned an idea where we would create an online community for unsigned artists to present their music to the world. We came up with the name “be heard radio”.  Me and my friend then created our main logo. From that I took colors we came up with and built an icon logo. Since the name was “be” heard radio we thought hey maybe we can use a play on words here and have the icon look like a bee. Then as I was designing it this was kind of a happy accident and worked to our advantage the bee’s face was in the shape of a guitar pick.

Now we had our name and logos. The next part was to come up with a site design and functionality. Now none of us really have a lot of money to be able to higher coders to build the site for us so my friend and I tried our best to build the back end. We did pretty well I think, but there are still a few things that need to be tweaked and fixed up. Hopefully as we progress we’ll be able to enhance the site some more. Not only for the back end code, but for the design as well.

This has been about a years worth of work and still going. Not only are we the designers, developers, and technicians for this site, but we’re also the DJ’s. This has been pretty fun for all of us we bought a nice Apogee microphone to record our spots. If you enjoy new music definitely check out our site. We’ve gotten a lot of great unsigned bands to sign up with us, and we’re still growing.

Here’s a screen shot of the current homepage and design.


Sign up, Listen, and Enjoy! Keep an eye out on the site to see all the new features to come. We already have a few things in mind, and we’re working hard to get it going. Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions please leave a comment and let me know!

-Joe R