Logos, logos, and more logos. I’m currently in charge of at least 700 logos. Each logo needs to be converted into different sizes and formats to be used in different places. Having to convert each logo manually by hand would be a gruesome task for anyone. Well thank God for the creation of Photoshop Actions and Image Processing. These 2 things helped me cut my conversion time from days worth of work to hours or even mins worth of work. I know there are other batch processing programs out there, but I really like how well photoshop handles everything. I also rarely used Adobe Bridge before this process. Now I use it quite often.

So basically what I do is I open Adobe Bridge take the logos and run then through an image processor which I had set up in photoshop. I really don’t need to use Adobe Bridge, but it makes my work flow smoother and faster. What the image processor does is it crops down the logos to what ever size you’re looking to make them. Now imagine if you didn’t have this processor and you had to go through all 700 logos one by one and manually crop each one. Even if it were 100 logos that would be an insanely tedious task, and I know it would drive me crazy. So the image processor basically makes the logo fit what ever size you’re looking to get as best as possible, so if your image is really wide and you’re looking to get an image at say 136×100. The image processor will make sure it fits the 136 pixel mark. The height would end up being smaller though since it wont distort your images to make it the exact proportions. Once this process is completed it turns all the logos into a PSD file. The final file I would need isn’t a psd and I also need them to be the exact size with out distortion.

Once the logos have gone through the image processor I then use the batch feature. I select all my logos with Adobe Bridge and then go to Tools > Photoshop > Batch. Before I can actually use this feature I have created a bunch of different actions which will format my logos how ever I want them. So if I have over 700 logos that need to be 136×100 exactly, I would create the action and make sure it works properly with 1 logo. Then I would use Adobe Bridge to run a batch on all 700 logos using the action I have perviously created. Adobe Bridge and photoshop together become a rather powerful and a huge time saver. Converting these logos would take me about 30 mins to an hour with the batch process with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. If I did everything manually I guaranty this would take me a few days to complete.

If you a bunch of images that you need to crop or give the same effect to think about using this process it’ll save you a lot of time and grief.

Good Luck, and if you have any questions or other ideas leave some comments. I’m more then willing to help out if I can and I’d like to hear other ideas.
-Joe R