Hello Everyone,

Here’s my first ever window display. I’m actually quite impressed with how well it came out. During our initial meeting for the Oxford Dictionaries Online window display we discuss what exactly we wanted to place into this window display. Once that’s figured out they would send me the content and then I would design a first proof. While I was designing the first proof we wanted to keep a similar style to the ODO website, so that they would relate back to each other. I kept that in mind and used the ODO web site as a reference to design these posters. Once the first proof was completed we’d have another meeting to discuss what’s important and how well everything is being displayed. I also work with 2 other designers from the creative department who would help me brainstorm ideas on how to improve on the earlier draft. I then came up with another proof and made some suggestions on how to improve that design. I got everyone’s input which allowed me to make the next set of proofs. After that I sent the new proofs around and everyone came to an agreement that this proof would be the final version.

Here’s a photo of the completed display in our South Window.

Here are the digital files so you can get a better look.

And here’s the concept picture I put together before I printed these posters, so everyone can have an idea of what it would look like in the window.