Hi Everyone,

Here’s one of my newest catalog designs for Religion. I’ve done one of these before which looks completely different which you can see in my gallery. Cover designs always seem to take a while to design, but the end result is always comes out nicely. Here are the few different design concepts that I came up with and presented to the marketers to see which they liked best. Lets see if you can figure out which they liked best. Unfortunately they didn’t choose my favorite design, but the one they did end up choosing was still a very nice design.



I had 2 other designs that I would of loved to post as well, but since they were comps and they weren’t chosen we didn’t buy the images. So for legal issues I wont be able to show them sorry guys, but I can explain them. Basically one of the images had a statue of an angel which was offset to the bottom right of the cover and the it had the title centered up on top with a forest in the background. The other concept was very similar to the other temple example I have listed here just the image that was chosen was way worse, so I’m sort of glad I can’t show it.

Ok now for the version that they ended up going with. They ended up choosing cover on the bottom right with the temple that takes up the full cover area. Can you guess which one I would of chosen? My choice would of been the top right one. I just really liked the colors of that image and I felt the title was handled nicely and slightly different from the norm which I like.

While designing the version of the cover they chose I ended up photoshoping out a column since it was in the way of the copy. I could of shrunk the title, but that would take away from it and I didn’t want that to happen. You can actually see the column in the bottom left cover concept. I also added in some white to the top right of the cover in the sky area so the title would pop more and not blend so much with the background. This cover design definitely went through a lot of changes. The image I originally had which was recommended to me by the marketer was an ok image but it was way to thin to fit this wide area. In order for me to fit the older image I would of had to cropped out a lot of the image, or I would of had to added in a color on the side of the cover which is what I did similar to what I have on the bottom left and top right concepts. The black area was a bit larger though since the image was really skinny.

After the cover design was chosen I was able to start designing the interior pages. Here’s an example spread of the first 2 pages. These catalogs are definitely complex and large. I’ll have to figure out a way to post the entire PDF with out it taking up an incredibly large amount of space.


Well let me know what you guys think, and which concept would you of gone with? If you have any recommendations on what you might of done for this topic I’d love to hear it.
Thanks Everyone!
-Joe R