Hey Everyone,

Last week I went to a presentation the city hosted by Monotype Imaging on their new online service WEBFONTS! Here’s what it does. Have you ever designed a website and to be able to use that cool font from your logo, or from the company’s brand you would create and image of text? Well those days are over if you use this service. Well not 100% over, but I’ll get to that. With web fonts you can sign up for an account and you get to choose from up to 8000 fonts. You can also upload your own fonts, but you have to have the proper licensing in order to use that feature. Now the reason why I say it’s not 100% over is well they only have 8000 fonts currently. This number is building, but there are a lot of fonts out there so you might end up with one that isn’t in that list. Another reason is this is a paid service, so if you don’t want to pay for it images is the way to go. There is a free service, but it’s very limited. You can’t upload your own fonts, and you can only choose from 3000 or the 8000 current fonts. Which isn’t to bad for a free service if you ask me. Now for the benefit to this type of service is “Search Engine Optimization”. Now that all of the copy in your website is copy and not an image it can now be crawled but search engines, and the copy in your website is the best way to be crawled since meta tags really don’t count as much as they used to.
Here’s the link to Monotype Imaging’s webfont service and some other website services that I’ve run into.

And a completely free service!
Google Fonts

Google Fonts is free, but compared to those other paid services it’s very limited in it’s font selection. Maybe sometime in the future it’ll build up to have more. There are a few other sites out there if you want a full review on these and other webfonts services check out Smashing Magazine’s blog post.