Hi Everyone I have a new project that I want to show off. This project is called a “Blad”. Basically a Blad is a preliminary look at what the printed book would look like once it’s printed. It has the fully designed cover, and what I would do is design an inside front cover, an inside back cover, and a back cover. These cover pages I design will give an explanation about the book and will also advertise the title to try and sell the book. I also add in a few already designed interior pages that will appear in the completed book. These Blads will help potential buyers to see what the book is all about with out having the entire book. Here are a few images from the Blad I created. This was actually my first Blad which is one of the main reasons why I want to show it off. I’m only going to show the the 4 cover pages since I really didn’t have anything to do with the design of the guts of the book. I also didn’t design the cover, but I figure I’ll show it so you can see how I came up with the designs for the other cover pages.



Let me know what you guys think.
-Joe Rossomando