Hey Everyone,
This is the first catalog design post that I’ve made for my blog, but there will be some more to come in the future. I feel most of the catalog designs are successful and worth sharing. Remember I post my catalog cover designs in my Gallery if you would like to see them before I write posts on them. For now here’s a catalog that I designed for Oxford University Press for their Physics titles. I went through a lot of different steps to get to the final product. When I was assigned this project I went to a few different stock photography sites, but mainly Shutterstock. I went through most of their physics images and I came up with 3 different ideas. One of the images I came across was an image of space with some sort of black whole with a meteor. The 2nd image looked sort of like smoke with the colors of fire, and the last picture was a close up of a plasma ball. For the way I designed the title of the catalog I did some research online, and in some design magazines such as Communication Arts and GDUSA. In one of the magazines I was looking at I saw a glow effect that I thought would work nicely with the Physics title, so I added a squiggly stoke and added a glow to the center of it. I then placed it at the bottom of the Y in Physics. Now for the bursts I had a 2 different designs one was a plain circle with another circle around it with a gradient on it to help give it some depth. The other burst I created looked more like a star burst which you’ll see in the example pictures I posted down below.

Here are the 3 final cover designs I came up with to present for the Physics Catalog.

I had another version of the one with the plasma ball on the right. The version that I have posted up top was photoshopped the one below was not photoshopped. If you look at this version posted down below there’s a huge red glow going through the center of the cover. I really didn’t like that, so in the version I presented I removed that glow.

The cover that they ended up choosing for the cover was the one with the space scene with the black whole. Once that was decided I was able to start working on interior pages. When I design the interior pages I think of the cover design, so it’s important for me to have a strong and finished cover before I start designing the interior. The cover is what helps me decide how the inside pages should be design, so that everything in the catalog works together. The interiors of Oxford’s catalogs are 2 color, so I used the cover image to pull out a purple color and black. I also used the cover image in the background of the TOC page and in the banner of the rest of the pages.

Here are some images from the interior of the catalog. The first image I’m posting is apart of the cover which is why it’s 4 color the same goes with the last image which is the back cover.

Let me know what you guys think. Would you of chosen a different cover design, or is there something you would change with the one that was chosen? Let me know.

Well till my next post thanks guys.

-Joe Rossomando