This was a flyer that I designed for for the title “On Monsters” by Stephen T. Asma. If you look at the image below the book shot in the ad is very dark and grungy. I wanted to mimic that style in my flyer design. I also didn’t want to to blend in to much with the background because I want the book shot to pop out and be noticeable. So I did a search on shutterstock to see if I could find an image with a similar look as what was on the cover image. I ended up finding an image of marble. I used that image for the top and bottom banners. I also used it for where the copy is located, but I merged that with an image for grunge that I found also on shutterstock. I then wanted to pull some of the brown from the cover and wanted to put that into flyer. So I added a light tint of the brown gradating up from the bottom of the flyer. Now I had a huge block of copy that needed to be flowed in the flyer. I worked with the Marketer and we moved a few things around and came up with this as the end result. I feel this project was a huge success mainly cause I love the design of the flyer. The Marketer as well loved the design, so this is what we went with. Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like.

How do you feel about this? Leave me some comments on it. I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks about this flyer. Tell me what you would do if you designed this flyer, or you can leave a comment just saying that you like the design I don’t mind that either.


-Joe R