Here’s a website I was working on for quite a while, and I’m really pleased with the out come. I got this job to redesign their website, but I had to pretty much create everything from scratch since their old site was so out of date all of the information was wrong such as all the menus, contact info, and time’s they were open. Since I know the owner some what I wanted to give him a site that would allow him to be able to update the menus on his own with out having to have a web design program such as dreamweaver. Also so he wouldn’t have to keep coming back to me to make minor updates. I’m not really a programmer, but I know a bit. I learned how to create a form with sprys. What this does is it pulls all of the information for the menus from xml files which can be opened with notepad or textedit depending on which OS you’re using. Another thing I did for this site was create a random image generator on the side of the site to help give life to the site. This way when ever anyone comes to visit the website the image would change and it’ll keep the site looking fresh and new. Another thing about this site is it was created entirely in CSS, and I didn’t use frames or slices. This is another reason why I was so pleased with this site.
Before I came up with this final design I ran through a few other designs, but I was never really fully satisfied with it. Here’s screen cap of what I had before this final design.

Here is the final Design. Which you can see live at

It’s a little hard to see, but in the final design screen shot if you look at the bottom you can see that I added in a background image of their logo which I think is a nice little touch. Now when someone with a higher resolution screen with see something behind the site rather then just plain black. Here are 2 more screen shots, one of the menus page and one of the contacts page, so you can see what some of the other pages look like.

Again let me know what you guys think. I’d like to hear from all of you.
-Joe R