Hello and welcome to Rossomando.net. My name is Joseph Rossomando and I am a graphic designer. Let me give you a little history about how I became a graphic designer. In high school I took an elective class for web design back before adobe bought out dreamweaver and they were still owned by macromedia. Then when I went into college I wanted to work with computers. I liked the programing class I took in high school, so I made computer programing my major. Durning my first year of college I took a class in Quark, and that’s when I fell in love with design. I ended up switching my major to become a Graphic Designer. Durning the rest of my college career I learned that I really enjoyed working with the web. I guess I felt that way because you can really make your designs come to life, and there was still some coding involved. Another reason why I like web work is because it’s always being upgraded with new forms of code. I remember when I first started to work with the web, they used frames and tables. Now if I were to do that it would be considered a bad practice now that CSS has become the main stream way of putting websites together. So I feel web design keeps me learning new things where print work stays pretty much the same even after a new program comes out.
I created this website so I could have an online portfolio to show off my work. As time goes on I plan to update this site by adding in newer work that I have designed. I created this site as a blog because I would like to talk about that certain projects. For example how I came up with the design, or to explain the technique I used to help complete that project. Another reason why I chose to do this site as a blog is for input. I would like people to comment on my work to give me their input on what they think. I feel by making this online portfolio a blog I can gain knowledge from it through other people’s comments as well as sharing my own knowledge. My resume is available on request.